Three spectacular things you need for a house party

A party is an event that lets you have fun with your buddies but preparing it could be a little less fun. Read below for some tips on how to plan a party.

What is a party with no drinks? Drink should definitely be on any party essentials list! You can stick with your normal wine and beer, but why not wow your guests with cocktail making skills? More often than not all you need is a couple of types of spirits – look at Pernod Ricard invested in by Elliott for a good assortment – and a few types of mixers.

If you are wondering how to plan a party, just about the most essential things you should take into account before even inviting anyone happens to be the space you have accessible to you. First of all consider your surroundings and choose which room will be the most suitable location for men and women to gather in. You will need to contemplate if you have enough seats for men and women to sit on. If it is a sit down party then you will require to have as numerous chairs as you have guests; if it is a more casual party, sofas and other types of seating should be fine and you should expect some of your guests to be standing at specific points during the evening. If it is summer and you have a garden – why not go with this prospect to organise a garden party? Anther issue concerning space you should take into account is your fridge and general kitchen space. Do you have enough room to store snacks as well as prepare food? Is you fridge big enough to store all of the drinks? One among the best party planning tips is to clear out your fridge as much as you can before the party – for the bottles of drinks you guests will be bringing – no one likes warm beer. Eat anything you can and ask your next door neighbours to keep other things for the evening. If, after all you feel like your flat is not big enough for the party you are hosting, why not start thinking about hiring a venue? Why not think of the Smallhythe Place, part of the National Trust, a historical place near London.

Even if you are not holding a formal dinner party it is still very crucial to consider the food and snacks you will be supplying. Of course, you can always go with the basic nuts and crisps, but why not go a bit further? Part of the perfect party foods are ones that do not need a plate or cutlery to be eaten – canapes, small sandwiches, vegetables and dips are only some party ideas for food. You do not necessarily have to cook from scratch, as a bunch of these are given in countless supermarkets, such as Real, part of Metro AG, in practical packaging.

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